NNAHRA Succession Planning and Mentorship Summit 2014


Succession Planning and mentoring

NNAHRA'S Annual Summit

May 14 & 15

Valley View Casino & Hotel

Valley Center, CA

Enhancing your Succession Plan with Coaching and Mentoring - Willie Wolfe.  Without a well thought out succession plan in place, the loss of valuable leadership can cripple a Tribal Agency. Succession planning prepares successors to take on vital Tribal leadership roles when the need arises. Whether it is preparing someone to take over as the sole leader of a small Tribal Agency, or of a larger, multi-work unit, succession planning is essential to the long-term survival of the Tribal Agency. In this interactive training, staff will; learn the elements of Succession Planning and Replacement Planning, the differences between them, and deciding which is most beneficial for their needs.  Your succession plan can be greatly enhanced by effective coaching and mentoring. 


Building Succession Planning from the Ground Up! - Herman Sanchez

You will discover that succession planning is one of the most challenging tasks most Indian Tribes face. There are many facets to building a successful succession plan, some of which include; Policies and Procedures, Budget Ordinance, SOP’s, and wage analysis to name a few. However the most important is implementation after the foundation has been established. Mr. Sanchez will walk you through the many spokes of the succession planning wheel that will assist you in establishing the foundation and implementation of a successful succession plan for your Tribe.

Employment Contracts for Succession Planning –    Scott Wilson, Esq. 

Learn about the legal Do’s and Don’ts when writing an employment contract that includes succession planning goals.  What are reasonable and realistic timelines?  What goals should you include and should they be tied to incentives?  This is a very informative session that addresses all you want to know about writing those difficult contracts.  This is a must hear session if you are considering hiring an external executive to mentor your tribal members 

How to Deepen your Leadership Pool -  Brad Worthley

One of the biggest challenges organizations face is the lack of qualified leaders to step up into a leadership role when needed. Brad will provide simple solutions for how to begin recruiting and training prospective leaders so you have a deeper pool of leaders to pull from in a time of need. Moving people up into leadership roles should be a seamless and drama free process, with no emotional stress on the employees if done properly. The process of moving people up into leadership roles just because they are good at their job duty, or they have been there the longest, or from political pressure must stop. Brad will provide you with some new tools to quantify a person’s leadership skills before you move them into the role. Moving unqualified people into leadership roles can not only create trauma on the people they serve, but it can kill the leader’s confidence and career when they struggle in the role. 

Award Winning Succession Plans - Margaret Lynch, Vivian Santistevan and Suzanne Clem

Come join us for an in depth look at two Award Winning Succession Plans. Representatives from Fort Defiance Indian Hospital and Wildhorse Resort and Casino, will provide personal insight into the development and implementation of their properties’ Succession Plans.  Come hear their successes, their obstacles and their ongoing pursuit of tribal member succession within their organizations.

Both Fort Defiance Indian Hospital and Wildhorse Resort and Casino are previous recipients of the NNAHRA Sam Henny Mentor Award. The Sam Henny Award was established in 2012, in honor of the late Sam Henny, Tribal Elder, NNAHRA Board Member and Longtime Tribal Development Manager for Spirit Mountain Casino.  Sam was a pioneer and strong advocate of the importance of tribal member development.

LMP Mentorship Program  - Judy Wright

Leadership mentoring is not about us as leaders, but instead, it’s what we as leaders give and share with others.  Come and hear about Valley View Casino & Hotel’s unique mentoring program which includes one-on-one mentoring and group mentoring. It is a long term program that raises their entire salaried team to a higher level in leadership.  We at Valley View Casino & Hotel believe our mentoring program is a great opportunity to share experiences between Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers and our salaried team.  It’s in this cooperative spirit; we mentor some of the brightest minds in our business.  As in any great exchange of ideas and information, both parties benefit greatly.  

Event Location- Valley View Casino & Hotel, Valley Center, California

Valley View Casino & Hotel is located near San Diego located in the heart of beautiful Valley Center, California- just 15 miles northeast of Westfield North County Mall, just east of Oceanside and south of Temecula.  

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